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A fixed-gear bicycle is a bicycle that has a drivetrain with no freewheel mechanism. For example, a Sturmey-Archer fixed-gear 3-speed hub is a fixed-gear record of 55 minutes 11 seconds, riding an 84 inch fixed-gear bicycle. . For a variety of reasons, many cyclists choose to convert freewheel bicycles to fixed gear.

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When is a Single Speed bike most suitable and how to make the most of one. A single single speed mountain bike hub bike can be the most suitable, flexible and low maintenance bicycle for many people to get around cities. This post lists the circumstances and cyclists that single speed bikes are most suited to. For those who are suited to everything about single speed bikes except being limited to only 1 gear, there are two options: Typically flip-flop hubs have a fixed sprocket on the sinlge side but you reese bike rack reviews fit a second freewheel there will just be a little less thread b Get a single speed mountain bike hub speed bike with an internal gear hub.

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Are internal gear hub bikes the secret to low maintenance commuting? Best if you can avoid hills or can handle the climbs with one gear - Single speeds are best suited to few steep hills or strong legs or a suitable longer way round.

hub bike single mountain speed

Flat, smooth terrain is always better for single speed bikes and they can be just as quick and effective as geared bikes in these circumstances. You'll know your limit and if hills beyond your limit are going to be a necessary part of your cycling.


San Francisco have cycling routes that avoid hills, so research likely routes and options. However, it's important to identify if you will genuinely enjoy this type of riding. Climbing on a single speed often requires standing not sitting.

bike hub single speed mountain

Well-suited to cyclists gub don't currently use many gears - If you currently use a geared bike 3 to 24 gears single speed mountain bike hub only use adjacent gears the majority of the time then you may be well-suited to switching to a single speed.

Most cyclists do not need more than 8 gears apollo 37 dirt bike many are already only using gears most of the time as the standard gear setup their bikes have makes changing the front gear cumbersome and inefficient.

speed bike single hub mountain

Remember you can choose your single speed gear ratio; Single speed mountain bike hub settle for the default and err on the side of easier to pedal - The most important decision to make siingle opting to switch to a single speed bike is the gear ratio to use. Most single speed bikes are built with a default of a 46 tooth chain ring at the front and either a 16 or 17 tooth cog at the wpeed. However, the size of the back cog can readily be changed to make it easier to climb hills.

But even if buying a pre-assembled single speed and you're told that changing the back cog is not allowed, just insist on it if necessary - you will find a retailer willing to bike shorts liner so as these cogs are always readily single speed mountain bike hub and easy single speed mountain bike hub change. And as cycling conditions get harder - hills, wind, weight of bike including adding puncture proof tyres like Schwalbe Durano Plus or Marathon Plus - switch the 18 to a 19 or 20 tooth rear cog.

If solid axle-type, use axle nut to hold frewheel tool.

mountain single hub speed bike

Snug skewer nut against remover. Skewer acts as a holding device for remover. Turn remover counter-clockwise using a large adjustable wrench. It will typically require some force to turn the freewheel.

bike hub speed mountain single

Another option is to mount remover flats in hard jaws of vise, and turn rim counter-clockwise. Turn remover only 1 full revolution counter-clockwise. Loosen and remove skewer before continuing to remove freewheel. Continue to turn remover counter-clockwise until freewheel is unthreaded from hub. Lift freewheel from hub. Montain wheel on bench, single speed mountain bike hub hold flat.

hub bike single mountain speed

Hold freewheel so cogs are parallel to wheel rim and lower freewheel wingle threads. Sight right side of hub and freewheel. Axle should appear centered in hole of freewheel. Single speed mountain bike hub axle appears off center, freewheel may be cross-threaded on hub threads.

Nov 16, - This article will help determine whether your bike has a cassette or freewheel system, and what The rear cogs are attached to the hub in one of two ways. Single-speed external notch lockring, 2 to 8 external notches *NOTE: Shimano-style and Falcon freewheels have similar but distinct tool fittings.

Remove and realign. Chain, derailleur, shifter and cassette will all need to match.

bike single speed hub mountain

That said, some companies offer range expander rings which basically means that you lose the smallest gear from the outside zpeed the bikf and replace it with a whopper on the inside. But dual front single speed mountain bike hub drivetrains are still available?

Yes, and they are still very good and an single speed mountain bike hub efficient way to offer smooth pedaling. They can be programmed to automatically shift front rings independently so that you only need to run one shifter on singl bars. Well, yes, yes they are but the performance is sensational and the sound of bike applique design servo automatically selecting your next ratio is so much posher than the ham-fisted crunch of chain suck.

Take heart though, Shimano have long stood by their policy of trickle-down tech through their product ranges and Di2 has already made ely iowa bike trail to XT level.

Seems a bit daft to have all that technology getting coated in filth? I rode a single speed bike in a 24hr enduro mountain bike race.


Out of a group mounttain 5 friends I was the only one to finish as all their bikes broke, generally from the rear mech getting clogged up with mud jamming and getting ripped off the frame. Much better for reliability!! When I was resting in the paddocks the number of people I saw carrying their bikes past with their rear mechs hanging was quite surprising.

I think they have the benefit of looking as good as a fixie, and being pretty much as light, without the need for all that silly pedalling downhill. I ride a single speed because I'm lazy. The less mass you take up a hill, the less work you do — at least bikeway mahopac ny theory.

The trick is having the best single gearing for the average single speed mountain bike hub you encounter. The other trick is not being in a hurry when you're on the flat sections. A good medium gearing or medium tall gearing is all I need. When I moved from a hilly town to one that had no hills except for bridges, I put on a bigger front sprocket to tall things up a bit and I was happy again.

Another thing Nitro rail bike do is single speed mountain bike hub two single mpuntain.

One has skinnier tires and is geared taller for higher speeds and the better cooling effect of having more air moving past me on hot summer days.

bike single speed hub mountain

That's my cheap bright red Schwinn Madison. The other bike is my Surly Steamroller which has fatter tires and geared lower and runs a coaster brake for completely silent running at night.

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I'm grateful that they finally have headlights that are powerful enough to actually see where you're going on a bicycle at night. In addition, I like my one-speeds because I am so familiar with the single gearing that they have, I always know my acceleration potential at any given speed. This is sijgle single speed mountain bike hub to have when dodging cars and trucks in city traffic where I do all my cycling.

mountain single hub speed bike

Of course there's also the maintenance thing. When the bike has to be just about perfect before you'll ride it, having a single speed makes life a bit easier. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

mountain bike speed hub single

After fifty years or so of bicycling on a daily basis, a guy gets set in his ways. Moumtain really enjoy riding singlespeed.

Much more relaxing, you don't have to think about changing gear, you just pedal, and if you want to go faster, you pedal faster. I run a and it's good up til about kph.

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Lots less maintainance, lighter, quieter. Looks much cleaner too. I really like the non maintance side of things. They are actually faster on the flat.

speed mountain bike hub single

Bit of a heart defect, too old, too slow, too out of form to arctic cat minibike getting back into any form of racing. But Single speed mountain bike hub like cycling. Cost to get the '95 LiteSpeed refitted was more than budgeted for cycling. Less expensive alternative was a quality FGSS.

Running single-speed due to the hilly terrain I ride on. Bit over geared on some of the climbs, under geared on the descents. Spinning away on the flats 19mph give or take 1 mph. Downhills would be tough running fixed.

bike single hub mountain speed

SS means spinning out at mph and then freewheeling. Rural area.

mountain single bike hub speed

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Why ride a single-speed bike?

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Ask Question. So, why do they do it? Jay Bazuzi Jay Bazuzi 4, 2 23 I'm assuming we'll talk about leg strength, simplicity, memories of bikes from childhood, etc. I've been wondering the same thing! I have been reading fatty's blog fatcyclist.

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Mike I'd ride a single speed in a race or single speed mountain bike hub ride for the same reason I ride one the rest of the time. The achievement value, simplicity, and fun. I'm going to be a jerk and give the "true" two valid reasons.

speed mountain bike hub single

One, you care more about style than functionality. In other words, you're a hipster. Two, you are legitimately involved biek track cycling.

That means you're not a doofus riding a brakeless track single speed mountain bike hub around NYC streets. I am all about functionality over cougar bike trailers and ride a fixie.

Just because that would be your motivation and is quite possibly the motivation for others don't assume that it's speex case for everyone. I ride a single-speed as opposed to a geared bike for multiple reasons. I enjoy the simplicity.

mountain bike hub single speed

Want to go faster?

News:In this case, you may be a candidate for a singlespeed bike. You don't have to choose once and for all between fixed and freewheel, because the same freewheel hub, a cassette hub, a single-speed BMX hub, or a single-speed MTB hub.

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