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Board index Mountain biking forum MTB General hi i have just got a old cannondale frame that i thought was silver (in I powder coat bike frames and im based in darlington dl22pp Then coat in a colour of your choice.

Pretreatment for Powder Coating

Marbled finishes might be possible by taking advantage of this, but I'll leave the experimentation to someone else. Prevention of powder coating aluminum bike frame rust fasttrack horizontal bike hook a good first step when reassembling a bicycle. Old Raleigh three-speed frames with the dull, black finish had baked enamel inside and out, but few modern frames have internal protection against rust.

coating frame powder aluminum bike

There is powder coating aluminum bike frame commercial product intended to prevent rust inside bicycle frames: Weigle's Frame Saver.

You spray it inside the bicycle's frame tubes, where it partially hardens, forming a sticky protective coating. A thin tube which attaches to the spray nozzle lets you work around corners and spray into ventilating holes, water-bottle dirt bike work mat and the like.

I've had a couple of issues with Frame Saver. I couldn't figure out how to get at the inside of all the tubes on some frames.

aluminum frame bike coating powder

Also, the coating left by Frame Saver is slippery enough that I had to tighten the seatpost clamp on one of my bicycles extra-hard, or the seatpost would slide down. But then, if dirt bike ramp jump have used Frame Saver, you are unlikely to have a problem with a stuck seatpost.

Another product commonly used powder coating aluminum bike frame rust prevention inside bicycle frames is Boeshield T9. This is advertised as a a protectant, but also a lubricant. Crame is sometimes used on bicycle chains. Boeshield T9 produces a waxy coating which can be removed with a solvent, if necessary.

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Inside a bicycle frame, a coating of Boeshield T9 will probably last for a few years, though it is not as tough frams Frame Saver. Avoid getting either of these products balance bike parts surfaces which must take threadlock compound -- in particular, bottom-bracket threads, which are hard to clean off.

frame powder bike coating aluminum

You might seal cannondale caad4 mountain bike off with tape, left in place until no frame-protectant liquid runs out.

Turning the frame over and over will powder coating aluminum bike frame the liquid around inside the tubes. If zluminum frame is ever baked again, Feame probably will liquefy, and Frame Saver may release vapor-- so it probably would be a good idea to have the frame baked before applying the finish to get that problem out of the way before it is baked again.

aluminum frame coating powder bike

T9 won't catch fire at the temperatures used to bake enamel or powder coat! The seatstays and fork blades will usually have ventilating holes which prevented heat-expanded air from blowing out the brazing or welding when the bicycle was built.

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Bicycle guru Jobst Brandt recommends closing these off, so water cannot enter through them. Good idea -- but do leave a drain hole under the bottom bracket. There's powder coating aluminum bike frame gore tex bike gloves to Brandt's advice at the end of this article.

He dismisses anti-rust coating the inside of the frame, but I disagree. Now you're back to where you reinstall components on the bicycle.

bike aluminum powder frame coating

Procedures are described in other articles on bernies bikes site. You need first powder coating aluminum bike frame check whether paint is clogging any of the threads or bearing-race seats. If they were well-masked, this didn't happen, but it can happen. These problems powedr usually be addressed with a scraper for the ends of the bottom-bracket shell, for exampleor by threading a bolt through a bolt hole.

frame aluminum powder coating bike

Coatingg threads are seriously clogged, you might grind the end of the bolt so it works like a tap. Avoid filing away metal, especially on headset bearing-race seats. Powder coating aluminum bike frame the links for general information, I list Boston-area industrial metal cleaning and powder-coating businesses with which I am familiar, and a few highly-regarded shops in the USA which do bicycle refinishing and restoration. There are too many others to list, and in other countries all around the world.

You could find them through a Web search.

coating bike powder frame aluminum

Electrolysis for rust removal. More details about electrolysis. Purple Power deruster.

Thoughts on powder coating a bike frame...

Loctite Naval Jelly. Why not to sandblast aluminum. About enamel vs. DuPont Imron enamel.

coating aluminum bike frame powder

Sherwin-Williams page about epoxy enamel. About powder coating.

Custom Steel Bike the Ultimate All-Road Build - Part 5 Paint or Powder?

Another page about powder coating. Brandt on frame rusting.

coating bike frame aluminum powder

Accessories Bicycles Parts Specials Tools. With non-steel frames, options are more limited, but I'll describe them too. Articles on this site describe how to deal with pit bull bike stand Cotterless cranks One-piece cranks Cup-and-cone bottom bracket Cartridge bottom bracket Headset Seatpost Keep small parts in order, for ease in replacing them.

Finishes to be brushed or sprayed on are of three powder coating aluminum bike frame kinds: Lacquers were common on cars up through the s, but are no longer commonly used.

coating aluminum frame powder bike

Enamel is more durable. Intense sunlight on a regular basis can drame the color of just about any metal or cause peeling of the paint.

aluminum powder frame coating bike

Pollutants in the air and the rain do not help matters any and further the deterioration frme the finish. The result is a gradual dull finish or parts of the metal fully exposed without protection.

bike powder coating frame aluminum

Thankfully, there is a way to repair this unsightly damage at reasonable prices and will make coatihg toys look like new. Electro Tech Coatings is a family owned and operated company specializing in the finishing and re-finishing of painted metal products.

aluminum bike coating frame powder

We can create a unique powder coating just for you. Want a chrome look? We can give it to you. Metallic powder coat colors? No problem.

bike frame powder coating aluminum

powder coating aluminum bike frame Candy reds, glossy, wet blacks, sparkling silver, you coatin it. We even offer textured powder coat applications. First, we will clean and bie your part of all existing paint, rust, grime and scale—restoring the metal completely. I truly know nothing of the process So to read through dirt bike wheeling whole thing and then see at the end you just passed it off to someone else perfectly respectable if you're not saying 'here's how to do powder coating' was pretty disappointing.

Enjoy high-quality, reliable powder coating and sandblasting from Amnor Powder Coating, a City of Allow us to sandblast and powder coat your metal equipment to make them look good as new. Why Choose Amnor Powder Coating?

None the less, the logo attachment was certainly interesting, and I'm sure useful to many people. Thanks for contributing, and I hope you don't take anything I've said as anything more than a little constructive criticism on naming your instructables.

Less talky and more searchy It would powder coating aluminum bike frame been cool to see the process from start to finish. The link I provided shows what it takes to actually powdercoat at home at a realistic cost.

coating bike powder frame aluminum

It is 'cost prohibitive' as we might say in economics. You'd get an approximately durable finish if you took your time and carefully used high quality spray paint yes, from a can. I've seen it done and it is amazing.

coating bike powder frame aluminum

Powder coating costs a lot for diminishing returns, unless you really want powder coating. I know where to get supplies Like I said, the title insinuated that he was doing this diy, you arent helping anything. He obviously has access to a machine shop to make contour presses and other goodies I have a powdercoat booth set up I made myself I powder coating aluminum bike frame this page to see if anyone had something that worked better.

frame aluminum powder coating bike

That's true. Sorry for the smart alecky remark.

frame bike powder aluminum coating

It is demoralizing for one to write an instructable and then to be bashed about. I think it is safe to say that we all want to encourage additional i'bles. A newbie might find it additionally intimidating after running across a situation like this.

Prepping a Bike Frame for Powder Coating With Logos: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

I've wanted to write one, but I'm a bit intimidated by the level of detail. How much detail is good enough? Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Oops, there was an error sending your query. Please try again later.

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News:Final Touch Powder Coating is a custom coater [batch] shop. The architectural and building market powder coats aluminum extrusions used on frames for windows, doors and modular furniture. Why choose powder coating over paint?

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