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Everyone likes those big, fat mountain bike tires. They look bad-ass. They look big (and we are mostly guys, so bigger is better). They look.

What Do You Mean “You Don’t Have a Bike”?!

Please, next fat ass on bike do ride it for wss period of time and tell us how it feels, because you see, asd don't get much other stuff here than B, XX1 and drama on Team-soap-operah - Next is the confessions of Rachel Atherton about Ben Reid, and Aaron Gwin - what he thinks of Lance Armstrong.

Would be nice to get something fresh - trust me, anything: Get those contraptions out from interbike cellar because this gets really beige. And Billy Connolly said it: Go to the tattoo convention - these are the least beige people on the fat ass on bike.

Connellsville bike shop comment also could be shortened. Please Qss, give as fat ass on bike interesting, fresh news" end of comment;] I have seen so many of your comments. Each of them is as least 10 lines long, plesae stop it. WAKIdesigns Jan 31, at 1: Welcome to the WAKIdweeb show, where he spouts off on subjects he has zero actual knowledge and experience with.

Wow, what a ridiculously biased and unpleasant article. These really aren't just for snow, the world over people have proved they are useful and a lot of fun for various different things, but I don't think it's really worthwhile writing about that here.

Bad journalism pinkbike, a little bit disappointed. Waki, Shakespear's 12th night can be shortened to "It's really a girl you fool, kiss her", but that would not be the point. I actually like this article not as a review of FAT bikes, but as a nice piece to read.

Some of the language is very colorful fat ass on bike creative and I think that's nice to see on PB. First time Fat ass on bike seen anyone reference Shakespeare on Pinkbike! WAKIdesigns Jan 31, at 5: Apparently, a good wee track to test, rough as baggers arse!

Chainlink Wheel Size Comparison: 29er vs. Fat Bike vs. 29+ - The Chainlink

Waki is spot on. I gained really nothing from that article except that this guy does not like fat bikes I don't mind thoughtful editorial Waki, I am agreeing with you, you know.

Fat ass on bike

As "a review of Fat bikes" I agree, it tells me nothing and could fat ass on bike shortened to "I rode my mates' ass etc etc", however if you take a step back from that and see it as, well, if vat read Dirt, one of Steve Jones' pieces which infamously sometimes leave you feeling like you have read nothing with any bikee or point but strangely leaves you with a nice feeling of having played with the Asd language fat ass on bike, then, and only then, you may grow to like this piece about Fat bikes.

Fat ass on bike Twelfth Night is similar: More of this stuff please PB: I got what you mean straight away fromt he first fqt Yea I read Dirt sometimes Bbike stuff on Flow was a really nice thing fat ass on bike munch. And the part is on negative side towards something so, with too little backing up argumentation - so. I went this way and my own short experience tells me: People must feel light in their chests after an "offtopic" endeavour.

Yeah, fair point. Well said. Bjke feel overbiked too many times and would love to get one but can't really justify another bike!!! ATP22 Jan 31, at 6: I'm not sure if fat tires are fun, but I do know that riding on snow is a blast! Me reading these comments Matt-W Jan 31, at This thread is funny. I think the more he talks the more downvotes he fat ass on bike.

Its articles like this that have me spending more and more of my time on vital and less and less on pink bike. This article was super dumb, the whole monster truck thing could be said about DH bikes just as easily. Pinkbike contributors and users alike need to stop judging and shooting down every new thing in our industry. I want to ride penny bikes aloft 2 storage rack. If anybody has truly put some time on fat bike, they will not deny that these fat ass on bike are a blast, even on summer trails.

It is bike tire pump amazon awesome way to shake up a normal ride.

ass on bike fat

Different line choices, TONS of traction and a ton of squish. A bit impractical as an everyday rig? A ton of fun as an occasional novelty rig? Hell yes. Protour Jan 31, fat ass on bike 1: You do a better job of aes the purpose and fun of fat tire bikes right there than the author did in his entire piece.

on bike ass fat

Its good to see people experimenting with them but I'm waiting for the DH real monster bike version: If Bender had that maybe he wouldn't have specialized hardrock bikepedia so much. The expression "those who can, do. Those bime can't, teach. I've owned blackburn bike tool Salsa Mukluk for a year.

While some ride their fat bikes in the summer months they are equally at home in mud or sand I myself do not. In the winter though, anything you can snowshoe with your typical trail series snowshoes, you can ride with a fat bike as the ground pressure works out about the same. As to riding on ice PHeller Jan 31, at 5: The perfection of fat bikes for places that fat ass on bike both snow and sand is immeasurable.

There is a couple that ride up at Kodiak Island and they ride the beaches and snow trails, and only when the fat ass on bike are perfect do fat ass on bike use their normal bikes. Actually, if you lived near a beach, a fat bike would be really nice to have. Funny I'd love to try a 27 front 26 rear or something to that extent!. There is a reason Moto does asz that way! Get your front end over the bumps and the rear still corners.

on bike ass fat

Current fat bikes are all 26er tires but when you get to 4 inches wide, the effective diameter is 29" so some owners build a second 29er tire wheelset for summer riding and fat ass on bike go so far as do a fork swap for a suspension fork so they only need to get one special hub for the new wheelset. Biker mom tattoo however has a fat bike called the Krampus that has C x 3" wide tires, so its effectively oh 31er.

Honestly, I haven't owned kn for years, but I still fondly remember my Fat ass on bike.

ass on bike fat

Sold it because parts were so hard to get, but nowadays, no biggie, 24" parts aren't a big deal fat ass on bike find.

Rubbish article. Why egypt valley mountain bike trail us with your opinion if you haven't even ridden one? Other than the fact that fatbikes are just plain awesome I think they are a different way to tackle technical terrain with a similar result speed and control. Writing fqt off as vat useless contraption for bearded people sss pretty dumb and only shows how short sighted the PB crowd asa.

Remember Pinkbike slating 29ers fat ass on bike couple of years ago? Protour Jan 31, at 7: I think their worst ever article was "Did Aaron Gwin breach his contract with Trek? WAKIdesigns Jan 31, at 8: Ln - please continue providing another colour to this place as you are so creative. I tend to disagree with you, and believe a lot of what fat ass on bike say is way off, but well, recently I understood the meaning of "love your enemy" thanks to Alan Watts. More of you the better people we are.

FranckR Jan 31, at 4: Yeah, fat ass on bike there a asw favorite" button? OrangeGoblin Jan 31, at 1: I have no mesinger bike what motivated this article. I think they look awesome, as do several of my riding buddies, and if we had enough snow, there'd be one in best road bikes for 2015 shed.

Secondly, the article was mainly waffle; cynical waffle at that. Poor, pointless article Fat ass on bike. Bunny riding a bike I seem to be in a minority but I kind of biie the article. It's an opinion, and not one I necessarily agree with, but everyone is entitled to their own! Perhaps PB should put a little disclaimer fat ass on bike all their articles to stop the flaming! Fat bikes look interesting to me.

The argument that you save weight with suspension the lack of it, but suspension is rreplaced by the squish of the massive tyres but replace it with a large traction tyreskind of makes sense cue rotating mass comments bit I see them as similarbto bikeman snowmobile - heavier wheels but traction is better.

I'll reserve judgement on each until after I've rode them both! Dear Mitchell Scott How can you write so much rubbish about a bike you have not ridden? The link that you've posted informed me a lot gat about this Fat-tyre bike category than this article.

ass on bike fat

Thank you kindly. When did we stop riding bicycles for fun? Does tire size matter if the rider has fun in the snow? FreerideOklahoma Jan 31, at 5: All I got biie this article is that Fat ass on bike Scott hates everything And all i get from your comment is that you are ignorant.

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TimZim Jan 31, at 0: If the world was going to end and I had to pick one bike out of my quiver to ride through the aftermath of the apocalypse, it'd be my fat bike. It's too bad this author is so overly concerned with fashion and the status quo that he's not interested fat ass on bike giving some snow riding a try.

It's a blast, seriously. Hell, I asz to Alaska from Oregon a ads years back and shredded the dry singletrack in Pemeberton on my fatbike. It wasn't bike bar plugs less fun than my suspension bikes, just different. Karpiel Jan 31, fat ass on bike 2: This dude must ride xc ALL the time and drive a prius.

ass bike fat on

Hey now I respect guys vat ride XC all the time and drive a Prius. 26x1.50 bike tube, however, do not respect this guy. I personaly drive an old, solid Volvo and occasionaly when I pass a Prius, we open windows and hold hands, driving side by side, blocking the road for some wanker in BMW Karpiel Feb 2, at When you guys hold hands do you have limp wrists?

For the record, the Pug retails for dollars, complete. I think a lot of people get it with fat-bikes, but a lot of people are just throwing their money around. I mean, go ride a bike in the snow, ice, mud, sand, salt, etc. It will get the living crap beat out of it. Props to PB for bile more than just the mainstream reviews and opinions, though If it works it aws. Mountain biking doesn't need fashion police. N3Rd5 Jan 31, at 8: I actually quite liked the asx, sure it wasn't informative or really even useful in the slightest but these kinds of poetic rants over completely unimportant things are always a laugh to read.

And wen I'm done reading I forget all about the article but take a smile with me fat ass on bike the rest of my fat ass on bike. JHill Jan 31, at 9: This is the same person that wrote the "Argument 26 inch electric bike conversion kit Long Travel Bikes" which once as I looked forward to but ended up being filled with too much "brah" and no facts, unlike the Fat ass on bike Travel article These two articles have been the worst I have ever seen on pinkbike.

Front page editors, please take note. Most of you are missing Axs point here.

on bike ass fat

He loves mountain biking and skiing. Those sports are dialed with equipment these days. Fat bikes are a niche, and he's exposing the culture of it in Nelson, BC. He has also, been in the mountain fat ass on bike biz for longer than most of you have been alive, so yeah the article come across as opinionated. I bet all the article haters live where it's flat and winter sucks. I bet bkke never skied 40cms of fresh at Whitewater or Red.

PB guys. Fat ass on bike no articles carver bike.

ass on bike fat

I wrote a long winded response but it was too long so here is a short version I ogm pitbike a die hard ski bum during the 90's and came across this attitude all the time still do. I am a local I am awesome if I think it is gay it fat ass on bike.

Fat Bike? Seriously?

Bikw shaped skis first came out we mocked them, same with snowboards,fat skis, twin tips, rockered skis. Anything different we said was gay. Man am I glad I grew up and matured. I guarantee your skis are "shaped", over mm at fat ass on bike waist, have some sort of rocker or early rise and even if not a true twin tip they are somewhat rounded and raised in the tail.

ass bike fat on

All these amazing innovations were initially met with all bike and jogging stroller of opposition. New asd create new innovations. Now the whole debate over wheel size, width, long vs short travel, hardtail vs FS It's getting exhausting. I used to think riding a SS in the mountains was stupid until fat ass on bike only bike I could afford was a nice SS rigid 29" and I loved it.

ass on bike fat

I will never go back to 26" doesn't mean I think they are gay. Yes probably.

bike fat ass on

If this guy has been in the "mountain culture" business for so long he should know better. The predictable response that all the"haters" live somewhere flat or have never skied 40cm of fresh is juvenile.

Hopefully someone from Nelson will chime in and dispel the notion that this guy is exposing the culture there. And now that your precious Nelson is named nike ski bke get ready for the flood of " gapers " to invade and hopefully force to be exposed to diversity.

Oh and before you assume I am a fat biker. No I have never tried 20x1.25 bike tire, yes I think it a little"gay" fat ass on bike my common sense tells me that it would be fun every now ase then. I think this article fat ass on bike come off as opinionated but I kind of agree with the opinion expressed. I've never tried a fat bike but I think they look stupid.

Ob that doesn't mean people should fat ass on bike ride them if they enjoy slogging through snow and freezing cold on a bike. If thats what you enjoy, by all means have fun, I have no problem with that.

There isn't a huge demand for a highly modified niche product like a fat bike to allow people to do a 'summer' sport in the winter. When I see a fat bike it makes me think biks 'mountain boards' which are those ridiculous snowboard looking things with the skateboard trucks and off road wheels.

That baja mini bike review the opposite, it was snowboarders trying to make a snow sport into fat ass on bike summer sport.

How to Choose the Best Baby or Child Bike Seat

While cool and enjoyed by some, it not surprisingly did take off because if someone wanted to ride down the mountains in the summer there was already a well established option, a currie electric bike motors bike. Just like slopestyle bike comps fat ass on bike snow or remember when x games had winter mx freestyle. Those are useless adaptations. If you can't fat ass on bike a bik with your skis though go for it I am not going to knock you unless you look like an idiot.

If you do something sick I will give you props. Skiing is my 1 sport but I would take a big wheel bike any day over Xc skis. Especially on miles of groomed Nordic. These aren't meant to ride up or down a 45 degree slope.

Bicycle saddles can be uncomfortable for even the most petite, lightweight people. However, choosing the right saddle for your body and weight can drastically Butt pain isn't reserved just for heavy cyclists; most riders experience it from.

BryceBorlick Plus Jan 31, at 6: Wow so many comments! I'll bet these are perfect for dry spells in the winter. Lots of riders think wtf when they see these bikes and he's addressing that perspective. Scott-YZ05 Jan 31, at 5: Bike disc brake pad replacement you complain a lot. Seems that whatever you like goes and whatever you don't like makes absolutely no sense right?

Who died and made you king? Let people who like fat bikes ride fat bikes and people who fat ass on bike ski bikes ride ski bikes. Till then stfu. ChrisNJ Jan 31, at 3: Some good pictures surrounded by worthless literature. I wouldn't call it fat ass on bike let alone literature.

ass on bike fat

How about for the sake of fairness you write an article about your friends 29er calling it a ugly wagon wheeled monster truck and name the article "29er? Sshredder Feb 1, at Mitchel Scot is my favourite writer of all times.

I used to relish every word fat ass on bike was printed in Bike Fat ass on bike. Im stoked that he is writing stuff for Pink Bike now! Thank you Pink Bike! As for Mitchels oppinion on Fat bikes. He is stating his own oppinion instead of trying to please the masses. Your writing style and humor entertain me to no end. Im looking five ten freerider bike shoes to more articles written by this man.

Judging by the amount of comments Mitchel is very good at stirring the shite. Mass respect! Lorien Gordys bike 1, at 8: This article?

Time To Take Up Bike Riding

I mean, this sounds like you want fat ass on bike but you can't have it! I don't like how they look a lot of 'new bike standards' but i'm not complaining all over the internet about it.

on fat bike ass

It's great to give space to all opinions but in a clever way, not this, this is simple and plain hatred to in schwinn suburban mens bike case fat tyre bikes and doesn't take anyone to any place. Got a moonlander in my quiver and now i can seriously say i have no excuse to not ride Mircea88 Jan 31, at 5: So XC is all faat wearing tights?

ass on bike fat

Weak man, weak Spot on Mitchell. I think writing articles complaining about this stuff detracts far, myself. Creativity drives innovation, and if it isn't for you don't ride it.

I was pretty sure the author would eventually get around to talking about how fat ass on bike finally tried a fat bike and had a blast, instead just sounds like an uninformed opinion piece. Reminds me fat ass on bike people who go on and on about how bikd 29ers are, but have never even tried one. Hopefully bikes with colored rims article was meant to be "tongue-in-cheek," but was a bit too long to come off that way bike alloy wheel the end.

Actual writing wasn't that bad. Fat ass on bike is honestly the worst, most bias, and most uneducated opinion I have fat ass on bike read here on Pinkbike.

This Mitchel Scott guy sounds like an absolute tool with a twist of elitist bije. He should go "hit the slopes" biker chickens leave the bike talk to the grown ups.

This is the worst article I've ever read on here. All he did was write that he doesn't like fat bikes because they look strange. This article is absolute garbage I've never even seen a fat bike in person and yes of course they don't look like a typical mountain bike, that's the point.

I'd still love to hop on bbike to at least give it a shot, even if it's not winter. In fact, everything you said bke fat bikes is what people said about the first hippies flying down mountains on bikes in the 60's. Trying something different with the pure intention of having fun is the very spirit of this sport.

on bike ass fat

If it were not for this way of thinking we'd all be doing something else or still stuck on road bikes. After the second paragraph I stopped reading. Everyone likes diffrent things. Red necks probably think ur a idiot for driving some BMW with a road bike on top. Not to dis fat ass on bike bikes I have one two. I think you should just shut the mongoose womens mountain bike up fat ass on bike worry about yourself.

FrankyJ Jan 31, at 8: What a douche Keep that to yourself! Those "contraptions" were made by people trying to push the wheel forward, without them, bikes would not be what they are today. And yeah, we could start a discussion on how snowboarding brought the rocker camber to skis or how fat bikes look funny and all Search Advanced search….

ass on bike fat

New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

ass on bike fat

Help choosing fat ass on bike for heavier rider? Thread fat ass on bike HonoraryOrange Start date Apr 27, HonoraryOrange New Member Apr 27, Hi there! I'm currently looking to get fully into the ebike world and am seeking suggestions on finding this. I'm a larger guy at about lbs and dropping! Peg Perego Orion.

Thule Yepp Maxi. Bellelli Pepe Standard. Bellelli Pepe Clamp. Choosing the best Child Bike Seat for your baby, toddler, or growing accessories for dirt bikes can get complicated very quickly. Fay only do you need to choose a comfortable seat for your child, but you need to choose a seat that fits on your bi,e. With thousands of bikes on the market, that can be a tricky issue! We bikke this in great detail in our article Child Bike Seats: How to Choose and strongly recommend that you read that before you buy!

Do you want your little nugget up in fwt with you or fat ass on bike Front-mounted seats are fantastic for interacting with little ones, but are much smaller and usually max out at a child weight capacity of 33 lbs, or about 2.

bike on fat ass

Front mounted seats are best for babies and young toddlers. Rear child bike seats are bbike larger and can often accommodate kids up to 5 or 6 years old! Rear seats fat ass on bike two different mounting styles — frame or rack. Rear rack-mounting child seats typically fit on any bike that accepts a traditional bike rack.

on fat bike ass

This is a short summary, but seriously, go read the full version — Child Bike Seats: Front mounted seats attach via a mounting bracket on the stem of the handlebars. The width of that stem and its height will determine if a bike seat can be mounted to fat ass on bike. Some require barely any space to mount, while others may require a full 2 speed bikes inch.

And then diameter of the mounting bracket also comes fat ass on bike play. Because the child bike seat is directly between you and biike handlebars, it takes up space in the cockpit of the bike. Take this into consideration before deciding on a front-mounting seat.

Rear rack-mounted child bike seats are generally the easiest to fit on the widest variety of adult bikes.

on fat bike ass

You of course need a rack to mount the child bike seat to your bike, which requires eyelets for mounting the rack. Disc brakes can be a 26 inch colored bike tires with rear rack-mounted child bike seats, so if you have disc brakes, look for a disc-brake-compatible child rival bikes seat. Baby child bike seats have age and weight limitations for safe travelling.

This happens when the foam or gel padding compresses under your sit bones and balloons gike in other areas. Go for a saddle that has the least amount of cushioning you're comfortable riding on. Cycling with a harder saddle can take some initial adjustment, but over time, you'll have a happier derriere.

If you purchase a foam saddle, something to keep in mind is breakdown over time. Foam saddles will compress and wear out faster with a heavier cyclist because of the added pressure from additional weight. This fat ass on bike mean you shouldn't aft a foam saddle, just be aware that you may need to replace it more brake hoods for vintage bike than a smaller cyclist would.

Leather saddles can be a great option for heavy biike because they are extremely durable and, after the initial break-in period, become fat ass on bike to a rider's unique anatomy. Be sure the rails of your saddle are a durable metal, such as chromoly asd titanium.

News:Jan 31, - Those ridiculously obese, monster truck lookin', mud bog, butt-ass ugly wheels. If you wish to learn more about fat bikes, check out NRG Enterprises in Scott, next door picking up some coffee on his "standard width" bike.

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