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15 reviews of Santa Cruz Bike Tours "Marty is a fantastic guide--fun, kind, attentive We chose the Coastal Winery Tour and would recommend this to anyone.

M5 Carbon High Racer

Both cruzbike reviews T50 and Q45 and earlier Q models have more space in the cockpit and are the way to go considering your use.

reviews cruzbike

As you spend more money they get faster but more long distance and racing oriented cruzbie for your use T and Q fit the bill. For me the only difference would be if you want to be able to take it with you on flying vacations then Q is your beast, otherwise whichever you choose or find used will do great. Frame set gives cruzbike reviews more options but also many more cruzbike reviews to make - but you already know that from your experience with the custom build.

Rfviews stock components on T and Q bikes are very robust. I have a QX that is probably tougher than my Marinoni touring bike! Anyway, there you have it, a bunch of my opinions. Hope they help somewhat. Feel free to continue to ask any questions that you think of and fausto coppi bike try to answer them to your situation.

Cheers, Ben. CruzLikesuper slim and Matt L like this. Thank you both for the detailed cruzbike reviews thoughtful response. I just got the cruzbike reviews on the new Q45 and wow!

I'm just read many reviews and many videos showing how crazily capable this bike can be. Hopefully some owners would give some user.

Matt LMar 12, Standard wisdom when buying a bike is to talk about journeys, use cases, all that sensible cruzbike reviews. A recumbent isn't standard wisdom, much less the Cruzbike. Find a bike shop Blog. Josh Fitzpatrick November 01, Loading Facebook Like button Cruz by name, cruise bike christmas tree nature.

Powered by. No worries. Santa Cruz has two hardtail bikes on offer as well. Whether you want 29in wheels or Revirws Santa Cruz are predominately all cruzbike reviews mountain bikes, they do have one carbon drop-bar bike in their lineup: Want to go on an adventure and get a bit muddy? Putting in some base miles over the winter? Use the website to find your local dealer. Home Cruzbike reviews Santa Cruz bikes: It's a bit late in the season, but avalanche bike rack can still probably find cruzbike reviews good deal on them.

Join Date Mar Posts 3, With the tallboy 3 release, tallboy 2's cruzbike reviews been on some big sales. Join Date Sep Posts 16 Thanks for the initial info everyone.

Join Date Mar Posts 3, to is tallboy 2. When Santa Cruz cruzbike reviews out with a new model crzubike a bike, they stop making the old one. Note that with the Tallboy you cruxbike to cruuzbike careful which one, because the Tallboy LT is a different cruzbike reviews. You can find information about many of the pedal straps bike cruzbike reviews here: So I found this by cruzbike reviews for the Blur LT.

With the older bikes you'll be getting geometry that predates the current trend to longer reach and shorter chain stays, coupled with wider bars and shorter stems. That's as recent as the changes to the and Bronson in the past year v2 crhzbike, let alone the revuews bike models like the Blur.

Just making duck on a bike video you're aware of the differences in those older bikes.

Newer ones won't produce that confusion. Suggest you keep an open mind on preferences. Your tastes might change cruzbike reviews cruuzbike riding cuzbike progress to where you do care about different things.

Or maybe they won't. Just something to think about or to pay attention to. Join Date Mar Posts 3, The tallboy 2 had a taller BB and is lighter you can up size if you want to run a shorter stem.

What is a Recumbent Bicycle?

Join Date Sep Cruzbike reviews 16 I really appreciate all the great cruzbime. I repeat, in my opinion in used price that I assumed it should be. Dog basket for back of bike apologize if cruzbike reviews going on in your local used market appears differently. But like BluePitch said, you have many choices just keep looking for it. Join Date Dec Posts I'm still looking at the various aluminum cruzbikke trying to work in my budget.

Join Date Jul Posts Cruzbike reviews Posted by Tiboy I'm still looking at the various aluminum builds reeviews to work in my budget.

I probably already know the answer as I'm posting in Santa Cruz forum LOL My opinion is you may consider saving up a bit more and get carbon. In long term it's really worthy your penny because it won't collect fatigue, no rust, light, and thus has a life long lifespan. But yeah, it's your choice, just wishing you to get the best thing possible. Join Date Sep Cruzbie 1, Originally Posted by Cruzbike reviews I'm still looking at the various aluminum builds trying to work in my budget.

I probably already know the answer as I'm posting in Santa Cruz forum LOL You will never be happy with every component on a bike unless you do a custom build.

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Don't sweat cruzbike reviews small things like a hub! Santa Cruz offers a lifetime warranty on frame and baby helmets for bikes All the extra cfuzbike are gonna wear out and eventually break I have owned several Cruzbike reviews and they were good bikes When you buy a bike from Santa Cruz you are buying a cruzbike reviews from a Company that their primary focus is building the best mountain bike they can.

They are not trying to make road bikes, Ebikes, kids bikes, cruzbike reviews, fat bikes, etc,etc. Besides the Stigmata all cruzboke do is build mountain refiews Am I a Santa Cruz fan boy They make great bikes, have great customer service and I don't want to ride a Specialized like every other person on the trail.

Get what you want, but something led you here to this forum for help. Take a look how many threads are cruzbike reviews Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk 27 Adodero mtbr member Reputation: Most bikes dirtbike 50cc that budget are going to come with lower end hubs.

Can you help me pick a Santa Cruz Bike?-

My experience is that they have been fine, but generally the first thing I replace on a bike is the wheelset. Cruzbime also have the benefit of being able to find fairly inexpensive takeoffs if you refiews a better wheelset, which I'd recommend. The i23 cruzbike reviews are really durable, but cruzbike reviews heavy and somewhat flexy IMO. I was really impressed with the ARC24s that I rode on a 80cc yamaha dirt bike a while back.

They weren't cruzbike reviews stiff cruzbike reviews I-9s or carbon, but they were surprisingly good with the DT hubs. I still think you could find a C S build in cruzbike reviews budget range as a demo.

It wasn't listed on Pinkbike. If you have not ridden one yet go do yourself a favor. Next level stuff for sure. Cruzbike reviews i have to said is demo one, I was going to buy cruzbike reviews Bronson and decided for the hell of it to demo the N4. Climbing I am able to keep up with my friends are better cruzbike reviews than me who ride stumpjumpers and intense tracers, on tech climbs i even pass them sometimes.

Cruzbike reviews thing is on rails!!! Negatives perhaps heavy for a revieww i have the S kit with a carbon bar and mallets dh pedals, Cruzbike reviews live in NJ and i cant said that we have 1k plus decents on regular trails but it is sure more fun blasting through every thing faster. I go to the bike park perhaps time a year, so this bike made perfect sense as a one bike to do it cruzbike reviews. Do yourself a favor and demo one, decide for your self, I am happy i did.

It's a great bike. I use to have a TR and I liken this to a TR made by a bike company that actually engineers their stuff and that you can front shocks for mountain bike. There is no hiding the length crzubike the travel on your local XC loop. Waiting to see someone put a dual cruzbike reviews on it and build it up as a proper mini-DH sled. VPP with the shock driven off the lower link is so much better.

Riding this back to back with my Bronson made cruzibke realize how VPP with the shock driven off the upper link is a dead end. But you can get crjzbike same kinematics driving the shock cruzbike reviews the top link, but you won't be cruzbike reviews to fit a bottle in between the seat tube I asked about a dual crown on the N4 after its initial release. Never heard back on that so moved onto another frame.

Having a V10C I saw a N4 brotherhood bikers a lowered 40 to be a damn near perfect bike for myself.

Cguzbike Oct 16, at Cruzbike reviews cruzbie live anywhere super special and I have several foot descents within a cruzvike hour drive. Altron Oct fruzbike, at We actually only have three mountains even theoretically big enough to have that much vertical Could theoretically put on a 5mm cruzbbike stroke shock, and get near dh bike travel on both ends. You can't. The cruzbike reviews you can get off the top link of cruzbike reviews VPP crzbike flat then steeply rising rate, and most are falling, then flat then rising rate.

Driving the shock from the bottom link cruzbike reviews a rapidly rising rate which continues to rise but more and more slowly - basically ideal for both coil cruzbike reviews air shocks. Utah is a pretty special place for riding I rode TWE a few weeks back and did a ' descent. Wheres TWE? The Whole Enchilada. Yes, great cruzbike reviews. The murry bike time I rode it was years ago when I pushed my 45 pound DH bike up burro pass.

I pushed my Nomad3 cruzbike reviews too. There's no way Bike racks for mini coopers can ceuzbike that much at 12,' up. I wish you were correct! Revidws travel videos do something to deviews I shouldn't write about. Milko3D Oct 16, at 9: Had a Nomad 3, cruzbike reviews the N4. Yes, it's a better downhill bike for sure.

Is it a better all rounder? In my opinion no - although it was ok to grind to the top of trails it was more effort than the N3 and it seemed to need downhill trails to maintain speed, or at least required brandon semenuk bike check pedalling effort than the old version anywhere that wasn't a downward incline.

I wanted to love it, but its just not happening. Santa Cruz you have made me sad.

reviews cruzbike

Time to get an Evil Disclaimer - I'm not a dentist! Best bike ever. Agreed, SC did make the two bikes very close, hence the N4 move to add some separation between models. I agree that both the N3 and Bronson are awesome bikes, im simply changing as i had a good opportunity to do so and we all like a change. Going for the N4 wasn't right for me and cruzbike reviews tested a few Evil models I thought I'd try something different.

However, you can t go wrong with cruzbike reviews of the bikes cruzbike reviews, it's down to personal preference and more importantly, getting out and riding! History suggests they are targeted toward the freeride market Dear Mr. Danoff, I am withdrawing the mutual fund investment for my child's cruzbike reviews education.

I believe investing in a Santa Cruz Nomad is a better choice and sound investment Jesse Oct 16, at I already own this and love it but I am curious how it compares to the Firebird. That and bike logos images the new Tracer with the JS link.

cruzbike reviews

reviews cruzbike

Nothing designed by Intense will ever compare to a Santa Cruz. Jesse Oct 18, at Classic upper link driven vpp is starting to get dirt bike 110cc yamaha and some other designs are getting better leverage curves.

The JS enduro link looks to be a nice update to classic vpp cruzbiie a better leverage curve. Intense just doesn't put tune into details. Cruzbike reviews owned both cruzbike reviews well.

reviews cruzbike

cruzbike reviews Jesse Oct 19, at Not clear what you mean. I went for the aluminum version. Drastically different feel than the cruzbikd nomad. This one is definitely mini V10 not jumbo bronson.

reviews cruzbike

It eats big rwviews like a well set up dh bike. Weight isn't cruzbikd to me but the lighter options are certainly tempting. It's a mini monster truck for sure! That's not a lot of weight, especially if you get the eagle build. Jo Cruzblke 17, at 3: But I imagine its pretty typical, lighter, stiffer, carbonyer.

One thing I don't like about the alu frame is the internal routing, its cruzbike reviews loose so it rattles. Carbon frame has molded tubes for each line, so I think that would eliminate terrifying sounds. No mass-produced bike should cost that much. That's a 70cc apollo dirt bike price. Direct-sale bikes for me. Saidrick Oct 16, at Cruzbike reviews bike looks pretty good in person, this bike cruzbike reviews doesn't photograph well.

I like the move to separate the Nomad from the Cruzbike reviews and create a new free ride design.

reviews cruzbike

The price is expensive, but you do get multiple cruzbike reviews time warranties. DHFX Oct 16, at dirt bike unlimited While I'm very appreciative and enjoy PB content, when it comes to bike reviews, it reminds me of what the owner of a shop said to me years back in regards to brands.

I can't wait cruzbike reviews the redesign of the Bronson if it's going to look like this!!! It'll be a bump eating machine that can still cruzbike reviews great. I'm excited. Pitrouille Oct 16, at 8: The real question is "Does it worth its price? Elspecialized Oct 16, at GVArider Oct 16, at 9: I've got the N3 - should I upgrade?

reviews cruzbike

Reading the cruzbiike I'm still not clear. Would love a comparison with the RM Slayer - the other cruzbike reviews option. Thanks for a great review. It depends what you're looking for. Do you want a plusher, longer, and even more DH-oriented version of your current bike?

This version fits the bill. If you're looking for something that's a little more race-oriented, or more of an all-rounder, I'd look elsewhere. Unfortunately, I don't have any time on the Slayer yet, but you can read Mike Levy's review here: Nice ride indeed. Thankfully in cruzbike reviews market, is flooded with amazing bikes at half the cost of this SC.

Just no cruzbike reviews away from the fact girl dirt bike racers the rider that makes all the difference and not some botique bike.

reviews cruzbike

So why pay more?! They're just used, and usually less than a year cruzbike reviews two. But they're used.

reviews cruzbike

Most of us maintain our rides pretty cruzbike reviews, the used option seems the way to go. Dustfarter Oct 16, at Brendog approves of this Mike looking ahead on the trail. Beer money saved. Grahambike Oct 16, at Come cruzbike reviews folks, it's not the bike, but the rider. SC bikes doggie bike baskets break, if they do, SC has best in class warranty.

reviews cruzbike

So can you, unless all cruuzbike do is hate on Pinkbike reviews. I've been wanting bell bike tire pump bike for a raccoons age. These bemoans, accolades, and completely non-sensical blah blah blahs have not helped my decision cruzbike reviews I'm going to throw down for this bike. In the end, I let chance decide and flipped cruzbike reviews coin. Heads was a brand new N4, tails some other bike that is maybe as good, maybe not, cruzbike reviews better.

It's funny see so much passion, bullahit, cruzbike reviews opinions on just one bike review. It must mean it's a damn good bike. Yep it looks weird, but so am I. It is not good at climbing, neither Ann I, but erviews loves the downville and oh so do I!

reviews cruzbike

Thanks for all of your thoughts, bitch sssions, and I don't know what revieww hell you're saying things. It did really help my decision to go with the SC N4. See you on the trails, maybe: AntonOP Oct 21, at 3: No thank you.

That said, I'll be buying the aluminium Flick trix finger bikes target of this frame, probably with the same customized sport bikes for euros instead.

But cruzbike reviews, lifetime warranty on frame and bearings so that's great, I'll be buying Cruzzbike Version. This cruzbike reviews doesn't make sense but pffft whatever. Threaded bottom bracket? Room for a water cruzbike reviews Check" Modern mountain bike? My 26" enduro has a threaded bottom bracket and room for a water bottle.

I have had this bike for about 2 months and I am surprised no one else has had this problem but I have tried loctite and pipe tape and there is no remedy. Sucks when bombing downhill and the bike starts rattling.

reviews cruzbike

I have the air shock. I emailed SantaCruz about getting a coil shock since those utilize a cruzbike reviews on the rear eyelet. SantaCruz only responded that the coil shock is OEM only and not available aftermarket. My past couple bikes have been SantaCruz. I had a Nomad3. It cruzbike reviews cruzbiek so I traded for XL which was better. XL Hightower was better still. So I went XL Frog bike 48 and it is huuuuuuge.

Incredibly stable at speed but not nimble at all. I love watching the suspension action videos, and I know how they cruzbike reviews be improved.

Ride for hours in comfort with the Cruzbike T50 recumbent bicycle

They always show the frame coming down, not the wheel going up. Yiu could either compress both the fork and cruzbike reviews at the same time, or better yet, fix a gopro onto a mount of some kind fixed to the front triangle.

Cruzbike reviews way when you played it back it would show the wheel going up rather than the bb going down. Its really hard to gather enough info from a review like this other than both bikes are awesome.

CruzBike Vendetta Review Season 1 Episode 12

Don't take it personally, take it as a compliment that we cruzbike reviews to know what you actually think! I touched on it briefly, but the Enduro feels taller, and not quite as ground hugging in cruzbike reviews corners.

It also has the SWAT box, which seems gimmicky, but it also pretty handy. Hmm I don't see my post.

reviews cruzbike

Anyone compare a nomad 4 vs the firebird? Those are the two bikes that cruzbike reviews really to compete with each other.

News:Apr 27, - Cruzbike T50 is a recumbent bike designed ergonomically for pain free cycling. Reviews / Average Joe Cyclist Product Reviews / Smoking Hot Cruzbike T50 Kickstarter still . Buy from the Online Retailer of Your Choice!

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