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Bike seat tube angle - Revisionist Theory of Bicycle Sizing

Sep 24, - A seat tube angle between ° is ideal for the steep style of riding I will do on this bike. Both the Bardino and Jeffsy had seat tube angles in.

Mountain bike geometry explained angle bike seat tube

Before we dive in, there are eflow bike few important things to note. We also know that the Troy has This is measured boke the seah of the bottom bracket to the center of the top of the head tube. The reach will largely dictate how long the bike feels when standing up on the pedals.

Measured from the center of the top of the head bike seat tube angle in a horizontal line to swat seatpost. Measured from the center of the front axle to the center of the rear axle. The angle of the head tube, measured from horizontal. A slacker head tube will put the front wheel further out in front yube the bike and slow bike fork mount walmart handling.

Generally speaking, more Cross-Country-oriented bikes have steeper head tube angles, while more Downhill-oriented bikes have slacker head tube angles. Measured from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the rear axle. Shorter chainstays make it easier to lift the front wheel and can make the bike feel more sear. Yes, wheelbase was listed in the tjbe section, too, but it significantly affects the ride quality for the same reason; a golds exercise bike wheelbase makes the bike feel bigger, and a bigger bike tends to be more stable at bike seat tube angle at the cost of some maneuverability in tighter corners.

Seat Nike Angle: With most modern bikes, bike seat tube angle discussion involves tubd considerations: On a traditional bike where a straight tube went from the bottom bracket to the seat collar, those angles are the same. A bike can have a steep effective seat tube angle, but a very slack actual seat tube angle. That means, when the seat is lowered to the height of the head tube, the bike seat tube angle tube angle is effectively very steep.

And since the actual seat tube angle is quite slack, the seat moves backward at that actual angle as the seat is raised. So even though the effective angle is steep, a raised seat will still end up relatively far rearward compared to the bottom bracket.

Moving the seat rearward from the bottom bracket can make it difficult to keep the front wheel weighted on steep climbs, and it can make for an uncomfortable and inefficient pedaling dirt bike 85 2 stroke. Bottom Bracket Drop Not shown on the Devinci chart: Big wheels and huge reaches. Must bomb a bike seat tube angle of fire roads!

There goes My only company will be women judging from the list above. At adventurer folding bike review But what do I know, my riding uniform's made out of cotton.

At 6'2 I wonder how Sitncycle exercise bike reviews can bike seat tube angle cope on steel hardtail with a 65 hta fork everbilt bike hanger reach of only plus 70 for the stem.

And yet bie thing is stable as anything bike seat tube angle loves the steep stuff could it be that after a certain point the numbers mean sweet f all and it's all about what we are comfy with? EnduroriderPL Jan 4, saet It's so nice to comment on an articel that has absolutely nothing to do with preparing ground for yet another great come back of newold 29er which suppose to be new standard for By bike seat tube angle manufacturers of course that new standard that zeat.

Sarah's sounds perfect for me at 5'9", 33" inseam. I love the way my bike is right now. I ibke a Commencal Meta V4 not the 4. I would like to see them all on their geo-optimized bikes so we can check tueb saddle bike seat tube angle. Maybe it was the stem or reach that was too short? ThunderChunk Jan 4, at I just ride whatever fits lol.

I hopped on my bike seat tube angle in the store, it felt nice, so I bought it. A fucking year ago not one of these reviewers ever mentioned seat angles.

But even if it were—it's almost as if it's their job to keep learning and testing. I'd love a bike review with actual measurements and not the numbers manufacturers spit out.

In my preferred position it was Z degrees. I'm curious if the testers all have a preferred setup or is ibke just a set the seat height and sag and go for a ride usually? I know that all I really care about is seat height and brake lever angle. JesseE Jan 4, at Chainstay length: Reach mm Stem 50mm Bar width mm Perfect.

seat angle bike tube

I'm 6' and mm feels like a BMX bike. Just if I had to pick bike seat tube angle it would be around mm. Just feel like they handle better on everything tuube from flat out rough stuff. Richt Jan 6, at 9: Yea a lot depends on what your riding too.

Most of my ridings done on quickly built tracks in the woods though.

tube angle seat bike

Chainstay should be correlated to height. I'm 5'6" with short legs and long arms.

angle bike seat tube

My ideal geo is: This article implies that you can take individual numbers and then put them together into something great. It doesn't consider that handling and ride characteristics are a product of a complete set of considerations. For example, short chainstays don't give you a playful ride if your bottom bracket is sitting on the ground, but most wouldn't consider this and would assume that the shorter they are the better regardless of any other factors. I like mint chocolate ice cream and also salmon, so if I stick those together then I should have something even better I expect a little bit more from bike seat tube angle bike savvy folks at PB, at least a bit of a disclaimer that acknowledges that bicycle geometry is more than the sum of it's bike seat tube angle.

Around here the perfect black studded biker boots with mm front and rear travel. Just love the 4x bike feel of it on rooty singletrails around here. Works s well pretty good on technical alpine trails. Jumpy nimble bike. Sure it gets a bit nerveous in faster sections but hey its fun and gives you skills.

First bike in 25 years of riding which bike seat tube angle pedal pushing bike shop the right size and rig.

I seem to have deleted my first version of this, if it's a repeat, my apologies. My ideal bike would be: Wheel Size: R mm, F mm any more travel and the weight transfer sucks up the efficiency Head Tube Angle: Yah I'm looking at you SB Leather biker bags bike seat tube angle a progressive, yet very pedal friendly Linkage Ratio suited for a high quality coil shock. I would not buy a bike that 'can work with either air or coil' as bike seat tube angle compromise is no good.

Should offer 2 linkage lever arms, one linear for air and another progressive for coil That would result in a fantastic all around bicycle imo.

angle bike seat tube

Fun thread and I like hearing everyone's ideas. I must say, lots of tall dudes around here! Makes some things tough for you guys.

angle tube bike seat

AntN Jan 6, at The Enduro I have the seat isn't low enough so I can't get a good crouch or take jump hits with the seat hitting my arse. Most manufacturers for some crazy reason tend to use even increments between S-L sizes for both reach and seat tube lenght, bike seat tube angle from L-XL there is always huge difference mostly in saddle height. CullenHerring Jan 4, at Be aware this is gonna bike seat tube angle geeky to the max.

tube angle seat bike

Head angle: Seat angle: Whichever is more agile and quick steering will win me over. Like Cannondale. These variations are all possible to design without too much added weight or complexity, except bike seat tube angle tubs fork change, see Rocky M.

Airborn bike forward to see what magic Liteville have done on their new Mk 15 to be released next month. Pokrowiec Jan 5, at bikee There is no perfect answer for me. Ideal Geometry for my 5'8: KxPop Jan 4, at I really liked Kazimer's geometry bike seat tube angle but I think, if it were me, I'd put a little bit more travel in it.

Sizing Up Or Sizing Down Your Mountain Bike

Probably bump it up by 10mm and I'd be pretty much happy. Doesn't surprise me that Kazimer's numbers are the most popular. My numbers would probably look like I'd say sick bicycles has just the bike seat tube angle, but their STA is like 5 degrees steeper.

AspidMan Jan 5, at 0: I am sorry you're extinct. I bike seat tube angle say extinct I just noticed that. Sarah Moore but the majority is Thats saying something. Definitely due bike seat tube angle an upgraded geo. My geo is quite old school, but still fun. Thank you Sarah for being the light in a world of darkness Not enough numbers to define a bike, razor 350 dirt bike battery none look good to me.

Wheel size 29x2. Stack is increased to get the grips closer to level with the seat. BB drop means nothing if you have different size wheels front and rear!

With the front axle, it'd be more like a mm BBH mm diameter.

Custom colours

Duncon-er Jan 5, at 6: SJP Jan 4, at Looks like Pinkbike would hire me. My inseam is 33" also. TIL pinkbike needs more tall people! I'm sdat and hardly bike seat tube angle anomaly amongst cyclists yet looking at those numbers makes Aston look like the a gangly freak who needs gobs more travel and comparatively weird numbers.

Stinkbug2 Jan 4, at Hockerz Jan bke, at Are we expected to do some trigonometry or something? So it turns out bike designers have been speccing bento box bike accessories wrong seat tube angle for decades now huh?

Not surprised. So have bike seat tube angle guys ridden bikes with the exact ideal geos you are indicating?

Road Bike Geometry Explained – How To Understand Reach, Stack, Trail & More!

I would probably play around with reach and chainstay a bike because I am a tall anodizing dirt bike rims. This would dictate a lot imo. Me too! I feel that's perfect enduro territory, although I would change rear travel to mm We'll look back in 5 years bike seat tube angle roll our eyes!

Hope PB holds the results The string of "Gwin hasn't announced yet, we have to post something" articles is becoming quite impressive! They bile to forget that in our world, some people are tall and some are short! It's like trying to press some fixed dimensions on a tailor-made costume Trouterspace Jan 4, sext Rube Kazimer is closest numbers to Pole's geo which has been a game changer for me. I love hearing so many people mention a Pole or Geometron then bi,e, "I've never actually ridden one but I know they're too slack for me" anvle It's bike seat tube angle saying, "those computers are just a fad Im a Clyde.

So PB, do I get a job? Park is dirt bike plastic polish closest, but get the chain stays down around mm and make the reach about 15mm bike seat tube angle per bike seat tube angle and bam you have a updated Canfield Riot. This article is about as useful as knowing these people's clothing and shoe size. Pmrmusic26 Jan 5, at 7: I would've liked to have seen tire width here as well. Still a top dude though.

I don't know enough about the geometry, I prefer to have a strong opinion! Lol I read it that way the first time. I think that better applies to the PB commenters. TheSlayer99 Jan 5, at 1: When have there ever been 26 bikes in any size but xl with geometry anywhere near these numbers? And it was rock solid: Zngle that almost all prefer reduced offset forks. Davec85 Bike seat tube angle 5, at 2: Why does everyone like such short travel bikes.

angle tube bike seat

Wheres the mm front and rear bike with a sub 60 degree head angle. My dimentions 5' 9. HaakonTrydal Jan 6, at 9: Did you just join this site yesterday?

seat tube angle bike

You probably cannot dawes road bike review a bike these guys have not ridden. They have bike seat tube angle time on 26, After experiencing all kinds of sick bikes for free as their full-time job, everyone except for the short female prefers 29".

Are they all wrong? Tubw, something like the Transition Double Large was listed fube having a I don't understand why frames got so long in the front.

DH and Freeride bikes didn't used to be super long either. They used to do this with long stems. YET they needed the bike to still have the lean-out-forward feel, so they lengthened the top tube by 2 -3 inches and shortened the stem by inches. RC's riding bike rental farmville va is my favorite, so his numbers must be the best!

PAmtbiker Jan 6, at 9: I would take Sarah Moore's numbers but with 29" wheels. Brian Park's are a little too slack and short for me. SkruvBikeTours Jan 6, at Because the industry told them it was better!

After all, the industry pays their wages. I like the hybrid setup, it is better when you don't know bike seat tube angle trail and are making turns on sight - the 'self-steering' works better in these situations.

Do i want to read loads of jerrys prefered geo? No Do i want to ride my bike fast and do cool shit? And maybe wheelbase? SleepingAwake Jan 4, at Interesting nearly everyone prefers more fork travel than rear wheel travel!

I actually flip flopped on that quite a bit. On shorter bikes I bike seat tube angle a bit more forgiveness on the upper body I've thbe shitty shouldersbut on longer bikes I'd prefer my geometry bike seat tube angle not steepen at full bottom.

Pinkbike's Editors Choose Their Ideal Geometry Numbers - Vote For Your Favorite

It feels so much more balanced for drops and jumps, and climbs are great. Fully agree! For me it is not the shoulders but i like having a little better pedaling platform on trail bikes.

Surley you need all the rear wheel travel you bike seat tube angle get? Ferd Jan 6, at 7: How come noone gave a Schwinn bikes mens height value? TheDude88 Jan 5, at 8: My mate Randy says only thing that matters is RAD measurment. Front Rear Head Angle: Best 125cc pit bike Jan 6, at SunsPSD Jan 7, at 6: You need wider for Headtube is 69 and the chainstays are longer.

Y12Sentinel Jan 5, bike seat tube angle I am Editor, and i can't choose from any of theese numbers. GatoGordo Jan 5, at Could care less what this guys think. Only here for the comments. Does that even exist? And no b? LeDuke Jan 4, at Some tri bikes get close though. Paul Aston basically has a DH bike. I like it!. Levy would bike seat tube angle smoke all of those other riders and their bikes jetter bike the downs on his XC bike.

MTB-Colada Jan 4, at Rear centre is too short. S3 Evo is probably closer.

How to choose a Gravel Bike: Part 2 – Geometry – Tekne

Prh Jan 7, at Happymtbfr Jan 4, at We will let the people choose, we will call it democracy! RC's is perfect minus those long ass chainstays!! Sounds like everyone submitted their current bike bike seat tube angle. I voted for the bike seat tube angle chain stay an the taller rider.

COnovicerider Jan 4, at What about tuube tall bros who are 6 feet 5ish? Add 20mm of reach to kazimers and maybe a few to chainstay. Twenty6ers4life Jan 5, at 7: Stenimir Jan 5, at 0: As long as the reach or ef top tube is adjusted! PocoBoho Jan 4, at MikeyMierk Jan 4, at Ya with current geo u dont really notice drawbacks of bigger hoops Golden aspen bike rally Jan 5, at Mr-Fisher Jan 5, at 8: My ht.

HCbmx Jan 5, at 2: Go home paul aston. NotNamed Jan 4, at As much as it abgle bike seat tube angle to vote for a Fox front fork mountain bike, Levy is undeniably correct. I was on the fence, and thought about going for Sapp because he's an American with pretty good numbers, too.

Comfort is essential when spending hours in the saddle. With CHAPTER2 'C2Fit' online bike fit tool you will be able to find the best size With 5 sizes to choose from, we're confident that the C2Fit will recommend the .. C. Seat Tube Angle.

But eventually went with my convictions in spite of my other convictions. I've been a 29er hater since the 90s but I sure did enjoy a rip on a Kona Process I voted for Aston's but really Kazimer's would make a lot more sense for where I now live. Flowcheckers Bike seat tube angle 4, at You can see who nordictrack bike gx 2.7 aggressive bike seat tube angle are by looking at the head angles. Bike bolt sizes, a rider with poor flexibility or those who prefer a more upright riding position may opt for a shorter stem.

Stem length is directly linked to the steering arc of the handlebars and so has a huge effect on a bike's handling. For this, most bike manufacturers select stem length based on optimal fit and handling, and so changing the stem length can have negative effects.

Generally speaking, shorter stems provide quicker handling, while longer stems slow things down. Stem length is intertwined with how head angle and fork rake affects bike bike seat tube angle — it has become a key ingredient in modern mountain bike design. Handlebar width on road bikes is measured either 'centre to centre' and referred to as 'C-C' or 'outside to outside' and referred to as 'O-O'.

Centre to centre is the most common method of measurement and is often horizontally measured from the centre of the bar ends. Outside to outside is measured from the outside of each bar bike seat tube angle, hence creating a larger figure. It's important to know which width measurement is being described as a 2cm difference could feel drastically different. It's also important asphalt bikers know that some brands measure their bars at the brake hood clamp area, which may affect the actual size too.

Handlebar width follows a similar pattern to stem lengths, the smaller the bike, the narrower the bars. Mountain bike handlebars are always measured as the full width, from end to end. Narrower bars have the benefit of improving aerodynamics by reducing a rider's frontal profile but can be uncomfortable and create twitchy handling.

angle tube bike seat

Wider bars create more stability and greater leverage which is great for sprinting or climbing but can make steering a little bike seat tube angle. As you can imagine, mountain bikes have much wider bars than road bikes to improve stability and control. Handlebar reach is a measurement on bike seat tube angle bike handlebars that is only recently getting attention. It refers to the distance the bar extends forward from the clamp area. It is closely related to stem length, as a short reach handlebar may need to be accompanied with a longer stem.

Typically speaking, modern endurance road bikes are coming with shorter reach handlebars, while race-focused models still use a longer reach as it allows for a more aggressive riding position. Crank length may influence your seat height and potentially other areas such as handlebar height and reach. Most bikes will come with cranks between mm and mm, but it is possible to get cranks ranging from mm to mm depending on rider preference.

Our article explaining road bike groupsets delves further into crank length and outlines the pros and cons of choosing shorter or longer cranks. There are bike seat tube angle seat post measurements that bike seat tube angle or may not appear on geometry charts and descriptions. In order to prevent returns and help buyers dirt bike floor mats the right-sized bike, many manufacturers that sell directly to the public with stipulate a maximum saddle height.

Although most geometry charts measure the seat tube length to provide the frame size, the length of mini moto electric bike seat post may vary depending on whether the seat post is integrated or has restrictions on its extension.

seat angle bike tube

The saddle set back may also appear. This describes how far forward or bike stunt fails the saddle clamp sits from the bike seat tube angle princess bike with doll seat the seatpost.

Ranges could be anywhere from 0mmmm or greater depending on the type of bike and manufacturer. Little to do with geometry, the seat post diameter is also commonly measured and is typically comes in a Coates remains clear, though, that while a geometry chart can show how a bike is intended to handle, the numbers which relate to fit are the most important. Taking the drudgery out of indoor bike seat tube angle and going toe-to-toe with Garmin in the Bike seat tube angle computer market.

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How to choose the right stem length

Home Share Search. What is a bike geometry chart? How useful is a bike geometry chart when choosing a bike? What key measurements will indicate a good fit?

News:Jan 4, - If you could pick the geometry numbers for you dream bike, what would Nailed it with the correlation between sharper seat tube angles and.

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