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exponential and sinusoidal function

my interest in openteacher is the collaborative and free to use work
and i propose to study the way to demonstrate how two exponential function can create a sinusoidal function
by graphic simulation
i think there is nothing new under the sun (litteral translation of french) and this graphical demonstration exists
but, in accordance to this blog/wiki/web site ???, further requirements about license, copyright .... comes
so my project is to see
-what is already done
-is requirements are full
-develop in parallelism a proper application

open source physics

un site qui je pense peut être référencé


je découvre ce logiciel qui permet d'afficher parrallélement et de maniére dynamique une équation analytique et la figure géométrique associée
Ca a l'air trés puissant
des avis ?? official opening

The web site is officially opening today.

The web site will host a project that I have discussed with Craig Mason, Ryan, Lu Chiu-hui and Dan Chay. The project itself is (or will very soon be) explained in the 'about' page and more extensively in the wiki. All but Dan are English (ESL) teachers, so the primary focus will be to create material for ESL teachers. However, teachers of other subjects are also welcome.

If you are a teacher, and/or if you care about various social issues, make sure to join us!